Our consultancy in Metallurgy and ferroalloys sectors will be as following:


Supervision of erection and commissioning of open and semi open Furnaces Pre Engineering, Engineering, and Feasibility studies


Revamp and rebuild outdated furnaces


Planning and Cost Control Management


Project Life cycle Management<br />Advanced Logistics Management<br />Advanced risk Collaboration Deployment<br />Visual Management Control Plans


Estimation & Tracking ahead in manufacturing and productions

Lean & Six Sigma

Doubling your speed and eliminating unnecessary delays will reduce defects by as much as 50%, cut costs and increase customer retention.<br />There are gaps between steps in every process. Incomplete orders, jobs, and other work products pile up in these gaps. Eliminate the work in process and close those gaps to double your speed. Pull out those Post-it notes; map the process; put times on every gap (i.e., arrow) between steps; and figure out how to redesign the process to eliminate the major delays. <br />Take a floor plan and spaghetti diagram the flow of materials and work products; then redesign to minimize movement of people and materials. This kind of analysis can be done in a matter of hours and most changes can be operated quickly. Once our experts have simplified and streamlined the process, it is time to start optimizing the process. <br />Most profitable companies are wasting one-third of their total costs on fixing problems created by the other two-thirds. Our experts cut that unnecessary spending in half and consequently eliminate the need for credit.<br />

Quality Flow

Total Quality Management

Transfer Technology & Knowledge

Technology transfer and knowledge transfer are crucial dynamic factors in social and economic developments.

Energy Efficiency and Construction Environmental Awareness

Energy recovery mapping in ferroalloys & steel plants

Supply Chain Management

Implementation of different methods in the different areas of the Supply Chain to increase profitability


Engineering Procurement Construction

Procurement & Logistics Strategy

Production and Maintenance Managements

Visual Management Control

Strategy Market Planning

Paradis Neekandesh Consulting is  Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm based in Luxembourg.

Established in 2007, PN offers a multi-disciplined and international team of professionals that manage all phases of manufacturing projects. 

It is our objective to offer comprehensive solutions in industrial plant constructions, starting from the process development, planning, realization up to the handover of a plant – all of this out of one hand.

We focus on a major infrastructure project in the mining, Ferroalloys metal furnaces & metal plants.

PN consulting has skills to help clients accomplish successful projects exceeding the expectations for safety, quality, schedule and budget performance  


Our Experts

Dr Beaghi

Mechanical design engineer - University of Florida graduate

With more than 35 years experience in industrial design .

Mohandes Ebrahimi

Mechanical Engineering - Tehran University Graduate

With more than 30 years experience in mining industries and ferro alloys industries and manufacturing

Dr Forouzan

PhD in metallurgy - Shareif University graduate

With more than 12 years experience in metallurgy and manufacturing set up

Mohandes Nemat

Master in Metallurgy and material science - University of Kerman graduate

With more than 8 years experience in mine and ferro alloys industry

Dr Sadeghi

Postdoctoral Degree in metallurgy - Sharief University Graduate

With more than 12 years experience in modern metallurgy

Mohandes Soleymani

Mechanical/chemical engineering - Shiraz university graduate

With more than 22 years experience in construction of open and semi open furnaces in Iran

Mohandes Farshad Shafii

Environmental Engineering - Isfahan university graduate

With more than 12 years experience in safety and security

Mohandes Farzad Shafii

Master in heat transfer - University of South Florida

With more than 27 years experiences in automotive, petrochemical and ferro alloys manufacturing and production


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